The Shookit website is a website secured at a high level of security and data confidentiality. 

We at Shookit, undertake to confidentially store your details and not to disclose it to a third party.

Information encryption:

The Shookit website is secured by the most advanced information encryption software.

an SSL software is a software used by online commerce websites for the performance of online transactions, wherein sensitive information is transmitted, such as credit card number, ID, and so on.

Information transmitted by this technology cannot be decoded, but only by the server receiving the client's request. 

Terms of use:

Use of the Website constitutes consent to use it in accordance with the terms of use and the provisions of the law, and the use of it constitutes your consent and commitment to act accordingly.

For illustration and clarification purposes only, the following is a list of prohibited uses. The list is incomplete, and the non-inclusion of any prohibition will not legitimize it, and the list will not detract the generality. 

Prohibition of illegal use – use of the website for any illegal purpose or purpose prohibited by its instructions is prohibited.

Personal use only – the website is intended for your use as a private user, and it is conditioned by use of your credible personal information only. The site may not be used with the assumption of a false identity and / or in impersonating another person. The application may not be used in any other way which is not personal use, including commercial use for monetization, in example, by advertising a product or service or sale offers and the like. It is also prohibited to conduct surveys, for purposes of profit or others, distribute or perform games, to distribute "chain letters", etc. 

Prohibition of Copying – copying is prohibited in any way, including duplication, transcription, direct and / or indirect copying, etc. of contents displayed in the Site, whether provided by SHOOKIT and / or included in various forums and / or links. It is also prohibited to directly and / or indirectly copy any technology that is used in the site.

Prohibition of use – sale, rental, distribution, display, transmission of contents from the website and / or of content copied from it, including their installation for sale, rental or by any other way are prohibited.

Prohibition of implementation of changes – the introduction of any change in the application, its contents, technology used in it is explicitly prohibited. 

Prohibition of damage to the website, its contents – it is explicitly prohibited to send the website files that are potentially harmful to the application, and / or the user of the application in any way, including virus-infected files 

Restrictions on forums usage – the use of forums shall be done by a user with his own name only and at his responsibility, the website holds no responsibility to the contents shown in the different forums and it is not obligated to monitor the forums and its contents. 

As a user you are to make use of the forums in a civilized and respectful manner. 

Violation of provisions of any law and / or of a provision and / or provisions of these terms. 

  1. Incitement and / or sedition. 
  2. Assistance and / or solicitation and / or commission of a criminal offense.
  3. Assistance and / or solicitation and / or cause of any civil wrongdoing. 
  4. Defamation.
  5. Infringement of privacy. 
  6. Publishing an abomination of any kind. 
  7. Harm of emotions of any kind whatsoever.
  8. Infringement and / or breach of copyright, broadcasting, performance and / or any other right granted to the creation and / or the creator. 
  9. Infringement and / or breach of intellectual property rights of any kind, including design, trademark, patent, whether it was registered or not registered and / or business secret and /or trade secret and / or other intellectual property that the owner of the right has taken means to protect it and whether did not. 
  10. Commercial information of any kind, including the sale offers of a product or service. 

The website administration shall not be required to notify or give any prior notice, in advance and / or in retrospect, of non-inclusion and / or of deletion of contents, and shall not be required to provide any reason for its operation as noted. 

As part of this, the website administration reserves the right to refrain from inclusion and / or to delete contents that do not comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use, contents that are in violation of provisions of law and / or contents that may harm its business, its customers and / or any acting in its name and/ or on its behalf.

Information Security & Privacy:

Our commitment to privacy. 

Your privacy is important to us. To improve the protection of your privacy, we provide this information about our privacy policy.

What we do with the information

 Submission of your details and other information about you in the application will constitute consent and permission to Shookit to use them, for the provision of its services through this website system, including the improvement of the services, including the consent to receive messages, correspondence, questionnaires, periodic tests, surveys, etc. that are intended to improve them.

If you do not wish to receive further information, including notices of promotional offers that are made and / or which will be offered to its customers, please indicate so when you join and / or the email to the support system of the website.

The information is not transferred to any other party, except as necessary to complete the action (for example, to the credit company) and / or if its delivery shall be required by judicial order and / or provisions of any law but also a case of taking and / or alerting before any legal proceedings are taken.

We do not make any use of the details of the payment means you have provided, whether it is a credit card or a number of a bank account but only to make the payment, and we do not transfer it to any other party, but for this purpose. We prevent unauthorized access to our databases.


The copyrights, the intellectual property any other right in the website and in the Company’s system, in its design, the software used in it, the application, the computer code, graphic files, text and in any other information included therein are and will be of the website and its owners only. 

Do not copy, distribute, display in public or provide a third part any of the above and / or part of them, unless you have been given prior and written consent, and subject to that consent if given. 

The trademarks displayed in the Application are Shookit’s property. If published by authorized advertisers – their property.  

No use of the trademarks in the application shall be made, under no circumstances, but with the prior and written consent of their owners.

Submission of content to the application constitutes an express statement that you are the holder of its copyright, entitled to submit it for publication, and its submission is of no infringement of another's copyright.

Please note that Shookit will rely on this statement as the basis for the inclusion of contents that you provided when you joined the website.

User liability

A user making use of the website system contrary to the terms of use or contrary to the provisions of the law will solely bear the responsibility to its actions, including to any direct and / or indirect damage that will be caused. 

A user who will use the website system contrary to the terms of use or contrary to the provisions of the law, as such, will be obligated to compensate the Shookit website and the website system, and to indemnify it and / or its employees, managers, shareholders or any on behalf of them, for any direct and / or indirect damage, including loss, loss of gains, payment or cost they will suffer – including in so, attorney fees and trial costs, all if first notice and according to it. 

Shookit may cease your use of the application in any event of action contrary to the terms of use and / or the provisions of the law, however the non-cessation of use will not exempt you from responsibility as above noted and constitute a prohibition and / or consent to your action as stated.


Exemption of liability towards Shookit, means the exemption of any liability to any direct and / or indirect damage to a user and / or to any third party. Exemption of liability towards the website system shall apply also with respect to any subsidiary, branch, affiliate, shareholders, directors, officers, employees and any acting on their behalf and / or in their names, all whether noted explicitly or not. 


The company maintains regular control over the inventory of products offered for sale. When the inventory is about to end, the website will notify so to the consumers and the purchase of products that are out of stock shall be disabled. If, after placing an order, it will turn out that the product is out of stock, due to exceptional circumstances that were unknown at the time of the order, the Company will notify so to the consumer and will enable the consumer to choose either receiving an alternative and equivalent product or the return of the fully paid amount.

General responsibility for the website activity:

The website will not be held liable for any illegal activity done by website participants during the sales thereof or for any other party not under its full control.

The website takes and will take every effort to maintain the proper function of the website but does not warrant that its service will not be interrupted due to hardware, software or communication lines malfunctions and will not be responsible for malfunctions or disruptions in the Internet or communication lines. 


Any legal dispute shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel only. 

The jurisdiction for any matter relating to the use of the website shall be of the Courts competent by law. 

Images for illustration:

At times there may be photographic errors and / or color discrepancies between the photographs of the product displayed on the website and the products as will be provided in practice.In the event of a material discrepancy, the Website shall expressly state so. Should there be an unusual, evident error done in good faith in the product description, it will not oblige the company and it will allow the consumer to cancel and return the fully paid amount.


Shookit and the website administration may change the terms of use, from time to time replace it, edit it and amend it in any way and without obligation to give prior notice.

Any change shall enter effect immediately and an up-to-date version of the terms of use shall be included in the application. 

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel only. 

The above will not detract from the website administration’s right to refer any matter concerning the terms of use and / or the use of the application to the decision of any court and / or other quasi-judicial body, at any time at its discretion.

The use of the application will constitute a consent to give any such matter to the decision of a party chosen by Shookit, the website system and its attorneys.