A. General and Terms of Use:

1. Welcome to Shookit's online shopping site (2016) Ltd. (hereinafter: "Shookit Site") The site is managed by Shookit Ltd.

2. Please read the Terms of Use carefully. By entering the Website, downloading any information from it, installing the Shookit app provided to you for your use or downloading through the website or your mobile phone, or by using the Services or registering for the Services, you agree and acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms of Use , And you agree that these Terms of Use will bind you and that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with the use of this Web Site and acknowledge that these Terms of Use constitute a legally binding and enforceable agreement between Shookit and you. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use or access this Web site, any download of information from this Web site, installation of the Application, and any use of the Services. If you are a minor (young person under the age of 18), use of the Site constitutes your guardian's approval of these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

3. In any question, comment or problem relating to the Shookit site, we will be happy to provide you with an e-mail address at quality@shookit.online, which is our support center to help you with all your Shookit use.

4. Shookit is a website where you can order food products and other products marketed by Shookit.

5. You are kindly requested to read the Shookit Terms of Use carefully, as you have ordered and / or performed any actions on Shookit, you confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions and that you agree to and accept all the provisions of the Terms of Use which constitute a binding agreement between you and Shookit That the process of ordering and purchasing at the Shookit site will be subject to the terms set forth in these Articles.

6. Shookit reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Use from time to time at its sole discretion, without any prior notice, and it is hereby clarified that the Subscribers and users of the Site shall have no claims and / or claims against Shookit, Or change as aforesaid You are requested from time to time when you shop on the site to read the regulations.

7. The date of commencement of the application of the update and / or the change will take effect upon the publication of the updated version of the Shookit website, and any action performed on the site after publication as aforesaid shall be subject to the updated regulations.

8. Shookit may change and / or discontinue, at its sole discretion at any time, the activity of Shookit,

Without any prior notice.

9. The site is phrased in masculine gender when the reference is, of course, both male and female.

B. Those who are allowed to buy on Shookit website:

1. Any person and / or corporation that holds a valid credit card issued by one of the credit companies in Israel, which is respected in Israel and subject to all details as requested in the registration process to the Shookit website, and are within the range of the delivery service (excluding Diners and American Express customers)

2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Shookit reserves the right not to allow a particular customer for any reason to purchase products through the Shookit Website, including cancellation of the order at any time, in accordance with the sole discretion of the Site and without any need for any explanation or explanation.

C. Shookit Site Activity Area:

1. The service provided under the Shookit site is granted in certain areas only, which change and are updated from time to time

By Shookit in its sole discretion.

2. It is hereby clarified that the purchase of products and their supply on the Shookit site is possible only when the address requested by you is located within the area of operation of the Site, and subject to the fact that there is no technical or other impediment preventing the supply of such products.

D. Shookit:

1. An order on the Shookit website is available 24 hours a day, and also in cases where the site is disabled for maintenance and / or any other reason. Delivery of the order on the day of placing the order will be possible, depending on the dates from which the site can be chosen during the ordering process.

2. Hours of operation The customer service center is as follows: Available 24 hours a day.

3. It is hereby clarified that changes may be made to the dates specified in these Articles, including the dates of supply, hours of operation of the Site and hours of operation of the Customer Service Center, all at the exclusive discretion of Shookit.

E. Products sold on Shookit website:

1. Shookit sells various food products and consumer goods, all as detailed in the list of products appearing on the site.

2. Shookit may at any time change the supply and / or the variety of products displayed in the list of products appearing on the Site and change and / or add any of the Products in the Product List or remove any of the Products from the list from time to time, all in its sole discretion .

3. It is hereby clarified that the manner of displaying the products on the Shookit Site shall be determined from time to time at the sole discretion of the Site. It is hereby clarified that the product images appearing on the Site are for illustration only and do not in any manner bind Shookit.

4. It is hereby clarified that as part of the purchase of the products on the Shookit site, the wholesale purchase of the products will not be possible. Shookit reserves the right to prevent the execution of purchases and orders which, in its sole discretion, are a wholesale purchase. It is hereby clarified that the purchase of over 6 units of each product may be subject to the approval of the Shookit Site Manager.

5. Products that are sold on the Shookit site, which by their very nature should be selected such as fruits and vegetables, shall be chosen by Shookit employees and their choice will be made at the sole discretion of the employees, with respect to the quality and / or freshness of the products. These products will be supplied to him.

6. The Client shall also have no claim and / or claim against the expiry date specified on the product supplied to the customer as long as the expiry date recorded on the product is within a reasonable period of time before expiration, in accordance with Shookit's sole discretion.

F. Product prices:

1. The prices of the determining products are listed next to each of the products listed on the site. It is hereby clarified that Shookit will be entitled to update the prices of the Products on the Site from time to time and at its sole discretion.

2. It is hereby clarified that if the prices of the products are updated before the end of the product selection process, you will be charged according to the updated prices. In addition, if you order a product and the date of ordering it will be changed, the price will change (subject to that stated in the supply of products section below).

3. Products that are offered for sale at operational prices will be provided at the offer price subject to the offer being valid at the time of the order's approval by the customer.

4. The customer's charge for the products being weighed will be according to the weight of the products according to their actual weighing by Shookit. It is hereby clarified that the estimate of the value of the order submitted to the customer is based on the weighting of the products being weighed, and that the calculation will be made in accordance with the weight of the product Which is actually supplied to the customer and will not have any claim and / or argument for this.

5. The prices of the products include Value Added Tax (VAT).

G. Payment:

1. Payment on the Shookit website will be made using credit cards issued by one of the recognized credit card companies operating in Israel only. And subject to the fact that these companies permit the execution of the payments on the Internet and the customer (excluding Diners and American Express customers)

2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Shookit reserves the right to determine payment arrangements and / or other means of payment as it deems appropriate at its sole discretion, including arrangements for payment by various means from a credit card.

3. Shookit reserves the right to discontinue and / or modify Shookit's payment method at its sole discretion at any time as it deems fit.

H. postage:

1. An order on the Shookit website will charge the customer with shipping fees in the amount specified in the site for shipping charges for the sake of the requested one order. It is hereby clarified that the shipping charges are in addition to the payment of the order.

2. Shookit reserves the right to update the shipping charges from time to time and in its sole discretion, and does not undertake to give advance notice of such change and / or update.

H. Supply of products for the customer:

1. The products included in the order will be provided by Shookit for the request of the Buyer and subject to the right of Shookit not to supply any Products at its sole discretion.

2. It is hereby clarified that the Shookit site will offer dates for supply according to its supply capacity at that time and subject to its sole discretion.

3. Shookit will make every effort to supply all the products on the order and on time, but unfortunately, not all products will be available. Therefore, the website system does not undertake to supply all the products in the order, whether it is stated that they are in stock or not. Or any claim against Shookit for failure to supply any product from the order, it is understood that a product not provided by Shookit will not be charged.

4. It is hereby clarified that a customer who ordered a particular product and the product is not available in stock, Shookit will do its best to provide it with the same alternative product. The customer service center will attempt to contact the customer in order to obtain his consent to supply the alternative product. If there is no contact with the customer, Shookit will provide an alternative product at its discretion. The price of the replacement product may be different (cheaper or more expensive) than the price of the ordered product. If the customer is not interested in the replacement product provided to him, the customer may return the product on time to the shipper at the time of delivery or alternatively contact Shookit and return the replacement product, and the customer will be credited with the full price of the replacement product.

5. It is hereby clarified that if at the time of the supply of the products, the customer and / or anyone on his behalf will not be in the address that the ordering of the products has been ordered by the customer, and the customer will not confirm by telephone at the customer service center that he approves leaving the order at the door of his home or anywhere else near him The order will be returned to the store. And the customer will have the responsibility to coordinate with the customer service the date of the resupply. Failure to set a new order date by the Client will not exempt him from paying the order made by him.

6. In the second shipment of the products, the customer shall be charged in addition to the payment of the initial shipping fees, also with the payment of additional shipping fees.

7. It is hereby clarified that insofar as the Client has consented to leaving the order next to the door of his address or in another place adjacent to his behalf, the Client agrees and confirms that the warranty for the Products is his own and in the event of theft and / or malfeasance and / The Buyer may come to the Complaint and / or Claims against Shookit.

8. As far as the order of the first order of the customer is the first order, it will not be possible to leave the products ordered near the door of his address as stated above, and the presence of the customer will be necessary for the supply of the products, including the presentation of an ID.

9. Failure to comply with Shookit on the requested delivery date for any reason will not in any way exempt the Buyer from payment for the Supply.

10. The packaging of the ordered products will be made in plastic bags and in another bag of paper bags, as you shall see to Shookit, and the Client will not have any claim and / or claim.

I. Product Returns:

1. It is hereby clarified that the Client is obliged to examine the contents of the shipment upon receipt and to compare it to the invoice to be given to him by the shipper at the time of supply.

2. Return of products As stated in the above section, up to 14 days from the expiry date will be allowed only against an invoice, and this applies to products that are lost or perishable, such as vegetables and / or fruits.

3. It is hereby clarified that it will not be possible to return defective and / or defective products, subject to the fact that such products have not been delivered by Shookit.

4. In the event that a discrepancy arises between the order for the products supplied or the dissatisfaction, the customer must notify the customer service center within 12 hours after the date of supply. Failure to give notice within such time period constitutes a waiver by the customer of any claim and / Non-conformity and / or dissatisfaction on his part.

5. The customer service center shall coordinate with the customer the completion and / or replacement and / or return of the product and / or the monetary charge / credit to the customer, as the case may be and as required by the circumstances and under the law.

6. It is hereby clarified that any completion and / or replacement and / or return of a Product as stated in Section 7 above shall require the Customer to pay shipping fees as stated in the shipping charge section.

J. Cancel and change order:

1. A change of order by the Procurer shall be permitted, at Shookit's sole discretion, to make every effort to permit the change of order as requested by the Procurer.

2. Cancellation of the order will be allowed only up to 3 hours before the delivery date. If the delivery date is less than 3 hours, it will not be possible to cancel the order. It is hereby clarified that in the aforesaid case, in which the order may be canceled, the Client shall be entitled to payment of the payment made by him, but Shookit shall be entitled to collect payment from the Client for cancellation.

3. After the products have been supplied, it will not be possible to change and / or cancel the order and will be obligated to pay the full amount of the order or to pay the original order before the said change, as the case may be.

4. Changing or updating an order will be done through the Shookit website. Cancellation of the order will be possible via e-mail service customer center up to 6 hours before the date of booking. It is important to note that once you choose to update an order, the system treats it as a new order and therefore the prices of the updated order will be updated according to the updated prices when the order is updated. In addition, the order update saves extra credit within the total amount of the order, it is not a matter of credit to those who maintain a frame only.

5. Shookit will be entitled to change and / or cancel an order, provided that it gives notice to the customer prior to the date of supply. In case of cancellation, the customer will not be charged the total amount of the order, and in case of change the customer will be charged according to the modified order.

6. It should be emphasized that the return of products and cancellation of the purchase will be in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the law, including the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, the provisions of the Sales Law, 5728-1968, and the provisions of the Charge Cards Law, 5746-1986 To the Shookit Policy, as determined from time to time.

K. Costumers club:

1. Shookit may, but does not have to attach the customer's order through the Shookit site, also to the customer club of the site system. By joining the site's service, the customer confirms that he has read the club's rules and agrees to all of its terms.

2. If you are the owner and replacement of your place of residence you will be responsible for updating the site system and make sure that the service applies in your new place of residence, if it does not apply the system will come with you to understand and you will find a temporary solution to this problem.

L. Sales Promotions:

1. Shookit products will be sold from time to time as part of promotions.

2. If Shookit decides to hold any operation, the offer will be valid until the date determined and / or until the inventory is finished (whichever is earlier), all subject to the relevant terms and / or regulations of the relevant operation and / or subject to specified

Alongside the product offered as part of the promotion. The offer prices are correct as of the delivery date only, as detailed above.

M. responsibility:

1. Shookit is not liable for any damage and / or loss caused to the customer on Shookit and / or any other third party as a result of the use and / or purchase made on the Shookit site.

2. The foregoing, including a case of purchase made by credit card without the consent of the cardholder, and / or any action performed on the site by any third party that will enter the site and cause damage.

3. Shookit shall not bear any liability for damage caused to the customer directly or indirectly, due to a delay in the delivery date or from the supply of defective or abnormal products, unless the defect or malfunction is caused by Shookit negligence. For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby clarified that Shookit's liability will be limited in any case up to the amount of the product only.

4. The Client shall bear full responsibility for any damage whatsoever to Shookit and / or any other third party due to an error made by the Client in typing the data, including mistake in typing his address, mistake in typing credit card details, "B.

5. Shookit makes every effort to maintain the integrity of the site's activity and at the same time the client exempts Shookit from any responsibility for damage of any kind and kind that may be caused to him and / or to any third party as a result of the site's activity and / or technical malfunction of the hardware and / Related to the site.

6. Shookit shall not be liable, in connection with the Website, for any damage of any kind or kind that may be caused to the Client and / or to any third party as a result of a communication or communication malfunction caused by the Internet and / Telecommunications providers wherever they may be.

7. In addition, it is hereby clarified that, although this site contains advertising information and links to other sites, Shookit is not responsible for the content and / or information of third parties.

8. Without prejudice to any of the above, Shookit shall not incur any damages exceeding the price of the products ordered and paid by the Buyer.

9. There may be errors and / or discrepancies in marking the products.

10. The pictures are for illustration purposes only.

11. The validity of the promotion is according to the date of supply to the customer's home.

N. Service providers and their responsibility towards customers:

1. You hereby grant the Company full and irrevocable power of attorney for the duration of your use of the Services, to transmit information including your name, telephone number, image (if you provided it in the registration process), your geographical location, the order details and the time of booking for the service providers providing Company. This information will be forwarded to the service providers so that they can choose to accept any of the services and provide you with the actual shipping and handling services.

2. You hereby confirm and agree that the Application and the Site are used as an arena of activity and connection between users and service providers and that the Company, as the operating entity of the Application, Site and Services, is not in any way a provider of services and / or forwarding services Edge. The Company is not involved in the transaction between you as a user and the service provider.

3. As soon as you receive the telephone number and / or contact information of the relevant service provider through the application and / or website, you will reach any agreement with the relevant service provider, we are not a party to this agreement and we will not be responsible for enforcing it and / . You hereby declare that you are aware that you are solely responsible for any transaction executed and / or an agreement between you and the relevant service provider, and you hereby release the Company, its partners, shareholders, directors, employees, service providers on its behalf and And / or other entities acting for it, from any liability that will arise, if any, for any action, claim, claim and / or demand relating to losses, damages and / or expenses arising from and / or related to the actions or omissions of the service providers and in connection with the agreement Between you and a particular service provider.

4. The service providers to whom you will be referred by means of the application and / or the site are non-related parties to us who have presented and pledged to us that they have the necessary permits and licenses to provide the services they wish to provide to users. After receiving any service from one of the service providers, You have the option to rate the service provider and to answer the service provided by him (the "feedback").

5. We rely fully and completely on the representations and warranties provided to us by the service providers and on the feedback provided by the users, in order to assess the suitability of the service providers to the needs of the users. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not perform any due diligence, and do not perform various background checks (including examination of licenses, vehicle health and condition, certificates and / or other documents) and do not undertake that the server suppliers are authorized, .

6. The service providers who provide the shipping and handling services are independent contractors and are not employed by the Company. They do not serve as our representatives and / or agents and do not act as their representatives and / or agents in any way or form. We act as an intermediary only between the service providers and the users and are not involved, directly or indirectly, in a transaction that will take place, between the service provider and you and / or any third party, as well as the service provided by the actual service providers.

7. The Company shall not bear any responsibility with respect to the content and / or services provided by third parties, including the service providers, their contents, reliability, accuracy, reliability and any damage, inconvenience, loss or distress caused to you, directly or indirectly, as a result Use of the information appearing on the application and / or website screens and / or the use of the Services. Please note that the Company will not bear any responsibility for the illegal activity of users and / or service providers and / or any other party which is not under its full control.

8. Without derogating from the foregoing, any information stated on the site and / or the application relating to the times of delivery of the services, including the arrival time of the service provider, the time of arrival at the destination, the time of shipment ("time estimates"), is based solely on estimates and depends on additional parameters that are not under the Company's control, Weather, traffic congestion, and independent operations of the service provider. The times of delivery of the Services as stated on the Site and / or the Application shall not constitute any liability on the part of the Company and you waive any claim, cause of action or liability against the Company in connection with the inaccuracies in the Time Estimates.

9. The Company will do its best to enable the application, the site and the services offered therein in a proper manner, without technical problems and without interruptions. However, and since the application and site activity is dependent on suppliers and third parties, including cellular operators, service providers, etc., the application and / or the site may not always be immune to interference and malfunctions in their regular operations. You shall have no claim, demand or claim against the Company for any such failure or interruption, including for any damage caused, directly or indirectly, as a result of such disturbances or malfunctions. The Company shall not bear any responsibility and / or liability for any disruption, error or omission in the material in the Application and / or the Website and / or the various Services and / or the Contents thereof, and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by access to the Application and / The Site and their use or due to any impediment to access or use thereof.

10. The Company, and any person who has received an explicit permit from it (including the service providers), may publish commercial information and advertisements through the application and / or the site through ad spaces designated for this purpose in the application pages and / or the site. The responsibility for the content of the ads being advertised is for advertisers only. The Company has no responsibility for the content or reliability of the publications. Publication of the information in the application and / or the site itself will not be considered an encouragement or recommendation of the Company for the purchase of the services included in the advertisements, and the responsibility for the purchase of the services included in the advertisements will be the sole responsibility of the user.

11. The Company reserves the right to update the services tariffs from time to time, including updating the policy of charging the booking fees, subject to the requirements of the law and according to the details in the application and / or the site and / or various offers, as the Company chooses to implement from time to time. You are required to immediately uninstall the app from your mobile device and immediately cease using the app and / or website and / or account and / or any services provided by us.

12. In the event that we request to cancel the agreement, we will attempt to notify you by e-mail of our intention to do so, and in any case we may block your access to the Application and / or the Website immediately. In this case, the cancellation will take effect immediately upon blocking your access to the app and / or website.

13. These Terms of Use will be used as a valid binding agreement from the date of installation of the application on your mobile device and / or the beginning of any use of the Site until terminated at the request of either party (the "Agreement Period"). If you wish to cancel the agreement, you must notify us that you wish to cancel the agreement. The cancellation will take effect after we have sent you a confirmation within a reasonable time of the cancellation notice.

The company shall be entitled to cancel the sales or change the terms of such sale at any time, and for any reason, at its sole discretion. In such event, no current or potential participant shall have any claim and/or action against the company with respect to such change of terms or cancellation of the sale.

Without derogating from the foregoing, the company reserves the right to cancel any order which does not comply with the terms of the sale.